Our Story

Dober & Dasch (pronounced Doh-ber and Dash) is a premium pet brand that is not only based in Britain, but makes everything here too.

Where did it come from?

Dober & Dasch was formerly known Mrs Bow Tie Pets - a sub-brand of online fashion brand Mrs Bow Tie. When the bow tie dog collars available on Mrs Bow Tie Pets proved popular, we decided that the only way we could expand and diversify was to separate it from Mrs Bow Tie, develop a whole new range of products, and launch it as it’s own stand alone brand.

Why the name Dober & Dasch?

When thinking what to name our new pet brand, we had a few things in our criteria:

  • Stylish
  • Modern, but traditional
  • Has a nice sound
  • Catchy, but not cheesy
  • Reflects our diversity

We considered a few names before the name Dober & Dasch suddenly popped out of nowhere. Short for the dog breeds Doberman and Dachshund, we felt it covered all the criteria and sounded fabulous. (PS. Yes, we are aware that we’ve reorganised the start letters of Dachshund).

Where have I seen Dober & Dasch before?

We believe in honesty before modesty, so while others say “we don’t like to brag”, we’re proud of our success.

Dober & Dasch collars have graced the pages of publications including the front cover of The London Magazine, and appeared on Britain’s Got Talent when Amanda Holden walked her border terrier, Rudie, down their red carpet wearing our Union Jack bow tie collar. We’ve also been seen on other UK television, including ITV’s Loose Women and This Morning.

You may have also seen us worn by one of the numerous insta-famous pets on Instagram, most notably the Internet sensation, Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart).